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Friday, January 06, 2006

DNA Tests Confirm That Big Cat Killed in Australia Was a Feral Tabby and Not a Puma

Kurt Engel Admiring the Domestic Cat That He Shot and Strung Up

DNA tests conducted by Monash University in Melbourne have confirmed that a large cat shot by a hunter back in June in the Gippsland section of the state of Victoria was a large feral domestic and not a puma as originally believed.

The cat was shot and killed by Kurt Engel, a sixty-seven-year-old retired engineer, near Sale where he was hunting deer. He strung up the cat and cut off its tail which, at sixty-five centimeters, was almost twice as long as a domestic's tail.

Over the past few decades there have been hundreds of reported sightings of so-called big cats in the Australian wilderness but none of them have ever been confirmed. It has been theorized that these cats were either turned loose by circuses, zoos, or American airmen stationed there during World War II who had kept them as mascots.

In the final analysis it is not really important whether these large cats are pumas or domestics because the cat-hating Australians have vowed to exterminate all wild cats. Tant pis, as Agence France Presse reported on September 25, 2005 ("Millions of Animals Face Death Sentence in Australia"), the Aussies are not limiting their lust for animal blood to cats but they are also planning to exterminate millions of wild horses, camels, donkeys, pigs, foxes, goats, rabbits, and cane toads. In addition to traditional hunting methods, the diabolical Australians plan mass poisonings and machine gun massacres from helicopters in order to accomplish their objectives.

In light of their total disregard for animal life, it is not surprising that mobs of half-naked, beer-swilling white Australians were captured on film a couple of weeks ago by Stern assaulting people of Lebanese descent in Sydney. Many sociologists and psychologists believe that there is a direct link between cruelty to animals and violent crimes directed against people.

Photo: Brisbane Sunday Mail.