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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Cat Named Trapper Falls Victim to Another Rusty Leghold Trap in British Columbia

On August 18th Cat Defender published a story about a beautiful orange cat nicknamed Hopalong Cassidy who had lost a limb to a leghold trap in Ellison, British Columbia (See "Brave Orange Tabby Cat Dubbed Hopalong Cassidy Loses Limb to Leghold Trap in British Columbia"). Sadly, these diabolical torture devices have claimed another victim. This time around it is a black and white cat named Trapper who was discovered recently dragging around a rusty trap in the Hatzic Prairie area of Mission, British Columbia. Mission is a small town of 32,000 residents 62 kilometers outside of Vancouver.

The wounded cat first came to the attention of an unidentified kindhearted couple when a dog attempted to chase it up a tree. Taking matters into their own hands, they were able to corral the frightened cat, remove the deadly trap, and then take him to the Cedar Grove Animal Hospital. Trapper's left front paw, which had been punctured in several places, was badly swollen but luckily there were no broken bones. Staff attendants Nikki Gerard and Erica Robinson, pictured above left to right with Trapper and trap, were able to medicate and then soak the paw and the cat is expected to regain use of the leg.

Based on the severity of the swelling, it is assumed that Trapper had been dragging around the crippling device with him for some time and had he not found help when he did he would most likely have died of either gangrene, starvation, or predation. As things were, he was dehydrated, hungry, and in severe pain when found, Robinson told the Mission City Record.

Being a domestic as opposed to a feral cat also worked in his favor. Feral cats, even when injured, are so frightened of humans that it is difficult to get near them. Because of his friendliness, Gerard and Robinson believe that Trapper is from a loving family although no one has yet come forward to claim him.

Although leghold traps are illegal in British Columbia this has not stopped their proliferation. Sometimes ailurophobes use them to target cats while at other times felines end up as unintended victims. In any case, individuals using these traps should be jailed for a long, long time. Hopalong Cassidy lost a leg to one of them but, hopefully, brave little Trapper will make a full recovery and go on to have a long and happy life.

Photo: Carol Aun, Mission City Record