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Monday, July 18, 2005

Two Kittens Horribly Bludgeoned to Death in Montclair, New Jersey

Two outdoor kittens were discovered bludgeoned to death in Montclair, New Jersey on June 28th. One of the black and white kittens had sustained a severe blow to its head which left one of its eyeballs hanging out while the second one was left with a bloodied and crushed face. It was later discovered that the kittens' mother had developed a mysterious limp.

The dead kittens were found on the property of Steven and Kathleen Aulicino of Roswell Terrace. Although all of the felines lived outside, the Aulicinos have been caring for the mother cat for about twelve years. Normally, they either try to find homes for her offsprings or take them to a local shelter.

Montclair Deputy Police Chief Roger Terry told The Montclair Times that he was not sure whether the perpetrator was a person or another animal. "It's something out of the ordinary, and there could have been some foul play," he conceded.

Suspecting that the mother cat may have sustained a puncture wound of some sort that is causing her to limp, Aulicino is quoted as saying that he intends to trap her so that he can have her looked at by a veterinarian. In the meantime, he now only allows his dog out in the yard when he is home.