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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Firefighters Rescue Worf from Chimney

A black cat named Worf with a fondness for playing hide and seek was rescued from a chimney on Monday, April 25th by firefighters in Atlantic City.

Having gone AWOL the previous Thursday, he was heard crying inside the chimney on Saturday by his guardians. Several city agencies were immediately contacted but when none of them could be persuaded to help, firefighters were called in and with the permission of the building's owner, Wandy Opao, they knocked a hole in the chimney and freed Worf.

Although he was without food and water for four days, Worf had apparently developed an affinity for his confinement because as soon as he was freed he immediately attempted to return to his hiding place. Finding entree now blocked by a plastic shield, he was forced to settle for secreting himself in a cabinet beneath the sink.

Kudos are in order for firefighters Scott Evans, Bob VanDyke, Mark LaVigna, Andre Byrd, Gregg Rando, and Ed Stearns who worked for three and one-half hours on the rescue.

Source: Lynda Cohen, "A. C. Firefighters Free Cat Stuck in Chimney," The Press, 4-26-05, C1:1.