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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Brutal Attackers of Mr. Solly Walk in a Lark All Because the Rotters at Scotland Yard Were Too Bone-Lazy, Derelict, and Aulirophobic to Even Examine the Evidence Supplied Them by His Distraught Owner

Noble and Long-Suffering Mr. Solly

"I believe this is all because they (Scotland Yard) view him as just a cat."
-- Amy Jo Bland

"There is no such thing as justice -- in or out of court," famed American attorney Clarence Darrow once sagely and honestly pointed out and if that is true for the better part of mankind it is a universal constant for all cats and their aggrieved owners. For confirmation of that doubters need not look any further than to the litany of egregious wrongs that recently have befallen a sixteen-year-old, snow-white tom named Mr. Solly and his thirty-one-year-old guardian, Amy Jo Bland.

Not a good deal is known about Mr. Solly's earlier days other than that he had led a quiet life with Bland and her young son, Rhyley, on Gainsborough Road in the West Ham section of East London, ten kilometers east of Charing Cross and in close proximity to where the 2012 summer Olympics were staged. Since she volunteers at a local shelter and has been rescuing cats and other animals for a dozen or so years, it is conceivable that he very well could be one of her rousing success stories.

"Solly is a harmless cat. He keeps himself to himself and mainly lives upstairs," she disclosed to the London Metro on August 25, 2017. (See "Teens Took Running Kick to Cat's Head Knocking Him Unconscious.") "He doesn't even go out beyond the front garden and he'll stop within the gates."

All of that changed forever at 1:18 a.m. on Sunday, August 20, 2017 when the accounts manager was rudely awakened from her slumber by Mr. Solly's anguished screams. "I ran downstairs and he was dragging himself toward me," she related to the Metro. "It was terrifying."

After dropping off Rhyley with an uncle who lives nearby, she rushed Mr. Solly to a veterinarian who did not have any trouble in diagnosing him to have sustained head trauma, a swollen eye, and unspecified injuries to his legs. He additionally was in shock.

Initially, Mr. Solly's prospects did not look particularly promising. "He's dying, he's not going to make it," Bland recalled to the Metro as thinking to herself at that terrible time. "I couldn't believe it."

Mercifully, her worst trepidations ultimately proved to have been unfounded but even that godsend did not contribute a solitary thing toward explaining what had happened to him. For instance, all that the attending veterinarian had to say on that important subject was that his injuries were "really peculiar."

Once she had returned home and reviewed the footage from surveillance cameras mounted outside her house she no longer was in any doubt as to what had happened to him but any consolation that the truth brought with it was cancelled out by the anger and outrage that quickly supplanted it. Specifically, the tape showed a yob trespass into her garden and deliver a running kick to Mr. Solly's head.

The force of the blow sent him flying several feet in the air. He then hit the ground and fell momentarily unconscious. While that was occurring, a second juvenile delinquent was busily filming the attack on his mobile telephone so that his fellow low-lifes could join him in his merriment.

"It's really hard to get your head around why anyone would do that to a defenseless animal. He hadn't gone anywhere near them," Bland reasoned to the Metro. "The boy just kicked him and then got his phone out to film him. On the CCTV footage, he gets his phone out to video him as he lies there unconscious."

With Mr. Solly now at their mercy, it must have been awfully temping for the yobs not to have finished him off right there on the spot with a couple more swift kicks to his head. He therefore could very well owe his life to the fact that their perverse love of technology and social media, at least on this occasion, took precedence over their lust for feline blood. So, in a roundabout way, it could be argued that mobile telephones do have some minuscule social value aside from being crass, modern-day annoyances and electricity hogs.

Mr. Solly and Amy Jo Bland

"There is some evil in this world," Bland continued to the Metro. "When I saw that camera, I could feel myself shaking."

Surviving such a vicious dry-gulching would not have been easy for any cat but considering Mr. Solly's advanced years doing so has been especially difficult. "He had head trauma and the vets said he must be in shock. Yesterday (August 24th) he was just shaking and leaning close against the wall. He's very traumatized," Bland related to the Metro. "The shock can kill him because he's that old. Due his age, the next few weeks are crucial. I have been sitting with him again this morning but he's terrified."

After Mr. Solly's condition had stabilized, Bland telephoned Scotland Yard and when its officers arrived at 3:30 a.m. they dutifully took down whatever information she had to offer and then departed. They later issued a statement announcing only that no arrests had been made and that unspecified inquiries were being conducted.

"The CCTV footage is shocking and shows two people deliberately targeting a family pet who is lucky not to have suffered more serious injuries or even been killed," a spokesperson for the RSPCA told The Sun on August 25th. (See "Moggy Muggers: Cops Hunt Two Thugs Caught on CCTV Kicking a Sixteen-Year-Old Cat in the Head, Leaving Him for Dead.") "Unsurprisingly we want to trace these people and are appealing to anyone who might recognize either of the individuals or have any information which can help to identify them to contact us."

As per usual in cases involving cruelty to a cat, all that Bland received from both Scotland Yard and the RSPCA was lip service. Unwilling to allow the teenage thugs to get away with their heinous crime and with absolutely no assistance whatsoever forthcoming from the authorities, she was left with no alternative other than to take matters into her own hands.

Despite being four months pregnant with her second son, Frankie-Blu, and traumatized to the point that she could barely either eat or sleep, she commenced spending her evenings knocking on doors in her neighborhood. "When the attack happened I was heavily pregnant, walking the streets asking people if they'd seen the incident or had any CCTV (footage)," she explained to the Daily Mail on May 11th of this year. (See "Mother-of-Two Whose Cat Was Viciously Attacked by Yobs Hits Out at Police after They Fail to Look at Phone Evidence in Time and Drop Case.") "They must have thought I was mad."

Regardless of whatever her neighbors may have thought, Bland's hard work and dedication succeeded. "I have been searching again and now have the same name over and over again," she disclosed to the Metro. "I've knocked locally and people confirm this is him."

Once upon a time, some parents were willing to discipline their misbehaving sons but those days are long gone and for that reason Bland's appeal to the parents of Mr. Solly's attackers fell upon deaf ears. "These boys have got to be out there somewhere. If that was my son, I would know. I might not be able to see his face but I would be able to tell by what he was wearing, how he was running," she theorized to the Metro. "They both looked (to be) between fifteen and sixteen years old. If the parents of those boys have seen my post or the video, please take them straight to the police station."

She also appealed to friends and acquaintances of the attackers to do the right thing but that effort also failed to produce any positive results. "If somebody has been shown this video by those boys and finds this cruelty entertaining, it's wrong, diabolical," she told the Metro. "How can anyone look at that video and laugh I will never understand."

Predictably, no one at Scotland Yard was the least bit interested in what Bland's inquiries had uncovered. "I have (gone down) the right channel. I have contacted the police and they are supposed to call me back!" she explained to the Metro in exasperation. "Do they? Course they don't."

Under just about all circumstances that would have been the end of this matter and Mr. Solly thus would have joined the ranks of the legions of cats that are hideously abused and killed every day by individuals who seldom are even publicly identified let alone arrested and prosecuted. Bland, however, still had one last arrow left in her quiver and she put it to good use.

The Yobs Zero In on Mr. Molly

"Solly's being let down left, right and center," she told the Metro. "Within the next twenty-four-hours the name along with the pictures and all I have will be posted!"

True to her word, she did just that and the video quickly elicited more than five-hundred messages of shock and condolences. Since then it has been viewed more than thirty-thousand times and it still can be found to this very day accompanying the Daily Mail article cited supra.

It is difficult to discern from press reports whether it was Bland's footage, the video posted online by Mr. Solly's attackers, or some combination of the two that ultimately did the trick but in either case an unidentified member of the public did come forward and identify the individual who filmed the attack on his telephone. That in turn led the laggards at Scotland Yard to belatedly arrest a sixteen-year-old teen on September 18th of last year and to seize his telephone.

As things eventually turned out, that marked the high water point in this investigation because after that it was all down hill for Mr. Solly, Bland, and the friends of justice. For starters, the suspect not only denied that he had been the blighter behind the camera but additionally claimed that he had an alibi. What type and how good of an alibi is a subject that the London press has been conspicuously silent about so it is not possible to know what to think about that matter other than to say that alibis often are concocted and therefore can be easily broken.

Secondly, the informant who put the finger on him refused to testify against him in court. Thirdly, the quality of the images captured by Bland's surveillance system was deemed by Scotland Yard to be too poor for it to make positive identifications of the suspects.

Consequently, the police released the suspect but he was not completely off the hook just yet, however, in that they still had in their possession his seized telephone and the evidence that it contained. "For charges to be brought, officers needed to establish that the footage (posted on social media by Mr. Solly's attackers) had been captured on a phone belonging to the suspect," Scotland Yard explained to the Daily Mail in a statement.

In a thoroughly inexcusable act of gross dereliction of duty, the police did not do anything with it for two months. Finally, sometime in November they allegedly got around to making arrangements to have specially trained officers download the material that it contained.

Not only did they neglect to carry out that rather simple and mundane task, but it was not until March of this year that they were able to muster the moxie in order to admit to Bland just how badly and irreparably that they had botched the investigation. "On occasions, the police need to prioritize the most serious crimes as well as working to safeguard the most vulnerable people in the community," the force blowed to the Daily Mail.

Even in admitting that much, the police neglected to inform Bland what "other pressing issues" that they had had on their plate for seven months that had precluded them from sparing even a few minutes in order to download a mobile telephone. On the other hand, it could hardly be expected that they would admit that they had squandered that precious time by, inter alia, having their locks styled at the barber shop, doing their laundry, drinking coffee, and simply goldbricking most of the time.

Nevertheless, it would have been fun to have seen either Bland or someone else put the heat on them just to have seen what lies and nonsense they would have concocted. That would have provided a few chuckles if nothing else.

Likewise, although the police quite obviously do not consider cats to be "vulnerable" members of society, it would be interesting to know just which "vulnerable people" in West Ham consume just about all of their time. Hopefully, they were just blowing it out both ends in order to hear themselves roar because if they were being truthful it is hard to see how that they would be able to tear themselves away from their "vulnerable people" in order to respond to a real emergency.

Mr. Solly Is Left Unconscious as His Attacker Flees

As ridiculous and dishonest as all of that was, it paled in comparison to what Scotland Yard came up with next. "In this investigation officers were unable to examine all the evidence in the six-month statutory time limit and unfortunately a prosecution was not possible," the agency concluded.

C'est-à-dire, after Bland had done the hardest part of their job for them by tracking down and identifying a suspect, they were too lazy and derelict in their duties to even so much as examine the evidence that she had presented to them scot-free and on a silver platter. Furthermore, the police's explanation for acting as they did is every bit as full of holes as a slice of Swiss cheese.

First of all, whereas it is remotely possible that there could be such an insane law on the books in London, if so it surely must be the first of its kind in existence. That is because there normally is not any expiration date on lawfully seized physical evidence so long as a proper chain of possession can be established and it has not been tampered with or otherwise corrupted.

Secondly, the cops could have downloaded the telephone at almost anytime and later claimed that they had done so within the statutory limit, that is, if one even exists. After all, they routinely harass law-abiding citizens in the street, make false arrests, perjure themselves in court, and conduct illegal searches all the time. The strictures of the law mean absolutely nothing to a cop.

The most plausible explanation if that they either lost or damaged the telephone. A second possibility is that they not only hate cats but Bland as well for pestering them about this case. Thirdly, they could have been paid off by the parents of the youths who attacked Mr. Solly.

Not surprisingly, Bland's reaction to their malfeasance was apoplectic. "I'm so frustrated, it's disgusting. I'm baffled that this can be allowed to happen when they terrorized and left my cat for dead," she told the Daily Mail. "The police had their phones and they left it too late."

Not only that but they cruelly strung her along for seven months by allowing her to falsely believe that they were working this case when instead they were sitting on their fat, lazy asses snickering up their dirty sleeves at her gullibility. Even the RSPCA has admitted that she "chased and chased" the police.

The only positive thing that can be said about Scotland Yard's behavior is that it is consistent with its ingrained hatred for the species. For example, in September of this year it concluded that the Croydon Cat Killer does not in fact exist and that the more than five-hundred moggies killed and mutilated in and around Croydon, twenty-six kilometers southwest of West Ham, were instead done in by motorists and foxes. (See the Guardian, September 20, 2019, " 'Croydon Cat Killer' Hunt Ends after Three-Year Investigation.")

Needless to say, aggrieved cat owners are not buying into Scotland Yard's conclusion. (See The Evening Standard of London, September 21, 2018, "Croydon Cat Killer: Outraged Pet Owners and Animal Charities Insist Killer Is 'Still Out There' Despite Police Saying No Evidence of Human Involvement.")

More recently fourteen cats have been attacked in Brighton, East Sussex, seventy kilometers west of Croydon. (See The Argus of Brighton , December 6, 2018, "Brighton Cat Killer Still at Large -- Fourteen Cats Knifed.")

One of the major impediments when it comes to trying to convince cops to investigate cases of feline abuse is the little publicized fact that they themselves run down cats with their cruisers, allow their dogs to maul them, and carry out street corner assassinations of them. (See Cat Defender posts of July 18, 2015, July 2, 2015, and September 1, 2016 entitled, respectively, "Harry Is Run Down and Killed by a Pair of Derbyshire Police Officers Who Then Steal and Dispose of His Body in an Amateurish Attempt to Cover Up Their Heinous Crime," "After Having Allowing One of Their Dogs to Maul McGuire to Within an Inch of His Life, the Toronto Police Do Not Have Even the Common Decency to Summon Veterinary Help for Him," and "The Legal and Political Establishment in a Small Pennsylvania Backwater Closes Ranks and Pulls Out All the Stops in Order to Save the Job and Liberty of the Bloodthirsty Cop Who Murdered Sugar.")

Mr. Solly's Attackers with Their Ugly Mugs Blacked Out

More broadly, individuals become cops, not to uphold the law, but rather to feather their own nests. They therefore make their own hay by singling out individuals and groups that they can arrest and convict with the least amount of trouble and effort.

Arrests in turn lead to promotions and salary hikes. The name of the game therefore is to make as much money as possible and to retire at an early age with a large pension and fully-funded health care. After that, they take jobs as security guards and between them and their take from the public till they make out like John Dillinger.

Besides serving themselves, they also do the bidding of the politicians and the money men and between those two career objectives little, if any, time and interest are left for investigating cases of animal cruelty. In other words, being a cop is not only a prime example of public service for private gain but a huge racket to boot.

The failure of the authorities to uphold the strictures of the anti-cruelty statutes is far from being the only blind spot in the law. For example, whenever the police in the United States stumble upon a homeless man who has been beaten to death, usually by yobs like the ones who attacked Mr. Solly, they go out to a bar in order to celebrate, tell jokes, and to exclaim good riddance. The situation is somewhat different in Deutschland where such killings are front page news in Aachen, Berlin, and elsewhere and the Polizei actually investigate and, sometimes, make arrests.

The deliberate running down of small animals, such as cats, pedestrians, and bikers by motorists is likewise winked at by the police. Mob hits and the murders of whores are equally ignored.

As far as political corruption and white-collar crime are concerned, only the Justice Department in Washington takes either of them even halfway seriously. By contrast, it is almost unheard of for either a local district attorney or a state attorney general to even undertake so much as a superficial inquiry into such endemic corruption.

Once their high-faluting rhetoric has been stripped away animal protection groups are every bit as derelict as the police when it comes to investigating cruelty to cats. For example, the RSPCA has its own legal department and from time to time it hires outside solicitors in order to bring legal action against animal abusers but it has not been explained why that it did not do so in this case.

More than likely the organization was too busy stealing and killing cats in order to be bothered. (See Cat Defender posts of June 5, 2007, October 23, 2010, and August 31, 2015 entitled, respectively, "The RSPCA's Unlawful Seizure and Senseless Killing of Mork Leaves His Sister, Mindy, Brokenhearted and His Caretakers Devastated," "The RSPCA Steals and Executes Nightshift Who Was His Elderly Caretaker's Last Surviving Link to Her Dead Husband," and "Beaten and Entombed Above Ground for Several Weeks, a Forever Nameless Cat from Colchester Is Finished Off by the RSPCA Which Refuses to Even Investigate Her Death," Daily Mail articles dated December 30, 2012, November 6, 2014, and August 14, 2016 and entitled, respectively, "Revealed: RSPCA Destroys Half of the Animals That It Rescues -- Yet Thousands Are Completely Healthy," "RSPCA Forced to Apologize for Wrongly Putting Down Cat Belonging to Family It Accused of Cruelty in Bungled Prosecution," and "RSPCA Is At It Again! Cat Saved Then Put to Sleep," plus The Chronicle of Saltney, August 11, 2016, "Distraught Saltney Family Blast (sic) RSPCA after Their Cat Was Put Down.")

The total lack of respect that cats receive from society and the marked disdain with which they are regarded by both the law enforcement community and the courts has not been lost on Bland. "I believe this is all because they (Scotland Yard) view him as just a cat," she opined to the Daily Mail.

Far from being a maverick opinion, Scotland Yard's ingrained ailurophobia would appear to be the prevailing sentiment that percolates throughout all humanity. For example on August 21, 2010, forty-five-year-old spinster Mary Bale from Coventry in Warwickshire picked up off the sidewalk a four-year-old cat named Lola and then nonchalantly stuffed her into a wheelie bin.

She surely would have been crushed to death in either the back of a garbage truck or at the city dump if her owners, Stephanie and Darryl Andrews-Mann, had not belatedly tumbled to her desperate plight after having reviewed footage from a surveillance camera outside their home. Even so, Lola was still forced to endure fifteen hours in a smelly garbage can.

Handsome Little Rhyley with His Mom

"I don't know what the fuss is all about," Bale later told the Daily Mail on August 26, 2010. (See "Greyhaired Bank Worker Who Dumped Cat in Wheelie Bin Could Face Court as RSPCA Prosecutors Review Case.") "It's just a cat."

Like Bland, the significance of so many individuals thinking like that was not lost on Michele Hanson. "Nothing will happen, while too many people feel like Mary Bale. 'It's only a cat,' said she," she wrote August 28, 2010 in the Guardian. (See "Cat Litter Episode Shows How Our Pets Are Both Protected and Persecuted.") "It's the 'only' that's the problem: they're only animals, and we're the only species that matters. But we're not."

The law enforcement community and rescue groups are by no means the only members of the establishment who give cats short shrift. For instance, firefighters in the United States, but not in England, categorically refuse to rescue those that get trapped on roofs, in trees, on electrical lines, and at other heights. (See Cat Defender posts of February 20, 2007 and March 20, 2008 entitled, respectively, "A Stray Cat Ignominiously Named Stinky Is Rescued from a Rooftop by Good Samaritans After the Fire Department Refuses to Help" and "Bone-Lazy, Mendacious Firefighters Are Costing the Lives of Both Cats and Humans by Refusing to Do Their Duty," and the Telegram and Gazette of Worcester, February 24, 2018, "Massachusetts Firefighter Reprimanded over Handling of Cat Call.")

Even on those rare occasions when they can be prevailed upon to do their jobs they do so only grudgingly. Even more insultingly, they find it virtually impossible on those occasions to refrain from making such crass and asinine remarks as "I've never seen a cat skeleton in a tree." (See Cat Defender post of November 9, 2017 entitled "Forest Is Rescued from High Atop a Dead Cherry Tree in an Exceedingly Rare Display of Ailurophilia on the Part of an American Firefighter" and the Meinerhagener Zeitung, December 9, 2018, "Drama hat eine Ende: Kater Pedro ist wieder auf dem Boden.")

Plus, back in 2013 Los Angeles firefighter Ian Justin Eulian even went so far as to beat up a woman for feeding homeless cats. (See the Los Angeles Times, May 21, 2015, "Firefighter Is 'Crushed' after Being Convicted of Assault, Attorney Says.")

As far as Bland's noble quest to secure a measure of justice for Mr. Solly is concerned, her remaining options would appear to be few. One possibility would be for her to retain the services of a private dick.

Even if she were willing to go that route, she would still need to surmount two daunting obstacles. The first of which would be to gain access to the seized mobile telephone and, more than likely, Scotland Yard has either lost it, returned it to the suspect, or would be unwilling to surrender it to her.

Secondly, even if the shamus were able to gather additional incriminating evidence against the suspects Bland likely would still need to convince either Scotland Yard or the RSPCA to reopen the case and that, given both agencies' entrenched disdain for cats and justice, would be a real long shot as Neil Tregarthen of Truro in Cornwall found out in 2015. His travails began on September 24, 2014 when an assailant shot and killed his daughter's fourteen-month-old black cat, Farah, with an airgun in Exeter, Devon, where the former was attending college.

He paid Focus Investigations of Exeter £10,000 in order to look into the matter and although the peepers were able to identify the likely triggerman, neither the RSPCA nor the Devon and Cornwall Police would even make an arrest. (See Cat Defender post of April 2, 2015 entitled "A Cornishman Shells Out £10,000 on Private Peepers in Order to Track Down Farah's Killer but Once Again Gets Stiffed by Both the Police and the RSPCA.")

Even if Bland were to get the same result from Scotland Yard and the RSPCA such an undertaking would not necessarily have been a complete waste of time in that she does not need their approval in order to bring a civil lawsuit against Mr. Solly's attackers. That is precisely what Janien Bubien of Vista, California, did after her next-door neighbor, Robert Eugene Brunner, shot and killed her three-year-old, orange-colored cat, Bill, with a bow and arrow on April 11, 2006.

Fortunately for her, when her case against Brunner came to trial in the Superior Court of San Diego County it was heard by Judge K. Michael Kirkman who, owing to his highly developed sense of justice, is the rarest of all robed magistrates. He demonstrated that by fining Brunner US$2,500 and ordering him also to pay Bubien US$5,000 so as to enable her to relocate elsewhere.

Mr. Solly and Frankie-Blu

Later on September 17, 2007, he additionally was sentenced to three years in jail but it is not known how much of that debt to society that he actually repaid. (See Cat Defender posts of August 14, 2007 and September 24, 2007 entitled, respectively, "A Grieving Owner Seeks Justice for an Orange Tabby Named Bill That Was Hunted Down and Savagely Killed with a Bow and Arrow" and "A California Man Who Slew His Neighbor's Cat, Bill, with a Bow and Arrow Is Sentenced to Three Years in Jail.")

Sometimes just the mere threat of a civil suit is sufficient in itself in order to prompt a cat killer to ante up. For example on November 8, 2009, Jeffrey Lee Eiras of Winnacunnet Road in Hampton, New Hampshire, shotgunned to death a gray cat with black stripes named Molly that belonged to his next-door neighbor, Susan McGee.

When an utterly disgraceful local court let him off the hook with an insignificant US$200 fine, McGee threatened to sue him and he quickly agreed to pay her US$3,000 in damages as well as to donate an additional US$1,000 to the local SPCA. (See Cat Defender post of June 30, 2011 entitled "No Cat Is Safe Any Longer in a New Hampshire Resort Town after a Local Court Sets Free Molly's Shotgun Murderer with a Trivial $200 Fine.")

Although Mr. Solly's attackers richly deserve to be locked up behind bars for a very long time, aggrieved cat owners have little alternative but to accept whatever minuscule measure of justice that they can get from judicial systems that are so unwilling to punish criminals, especially those that are underage. It is always remotely possible, but not likely, that cleaning out their worthless parents' pockets just might have some salutary effect on their future behavior.

In the meantime Bland needs to keep the gates to her house closed and locked, not just as night, but all the time. It is impossible to tell from the surveillance photographs, but if she has not done so already she might want to consider fencing in her garden. Above all, she should never allow Mr. Solly to remain outside after dark.

She also might want to seriously ponder hiring a new security firm. Surveillance cameras that do not take pictures that are of a quality sufficient enough in order to identify lawbreakers are not of much value.

What is needed are multiple cameras that capture images from different angles. Most importantly of all, they must work exceptionally well at night because that is when the majority of crimes that are committed against cats, individuals, and property take place.

In addition to leading to the identification of Bale, surveillance cameras also have facilitated the arrest of the woman responsible for Regi's death and sent serial cat killer Larry Negard of Bossier City, Louisiana, to jail, even if only very briefly. (See Cat Defender post of July 18, 2015 entitled "A Blackpudlian Thrill Seeker Who Sicced Her Pit Bull on Regi and Then Laughed Off Her Fat Ass as He Tore Him Apart Receives a Customary Clean Bill of Health from the Courts" and the Bossier Press-Tribune, March 4, 2016, "Bossier Man Jailed for Killing Neighbor's Cat.")

All of those crimes were committed during daylight hours, however, and images captured in the dark are, normally, of a markedly inferior quality. For example in addition to the problems with Bland's surveillance footage, it was not possible to identify the nighttime kidnappers of Mr. Cheeky in Hove, East Sussex, back in 2017 even though his abduction was captured on film. (See Cat Defender post of February 8, 2017 entitled "The Long and Hopelessly Frustrating Search for the Kidnapped Mr. Cheeky Ends Tragically Underneath the Wheels of a Hit-and-Run Motorist.")

At this stage of the game most of those considerations would appear to be moot in that Bland from all indications has had enough and is ready to throw in the towel. "They (Scotland Yard) make me so angry, more should have been done," she told the Daily Mail in no uncertain terms. "It's time to sell our house and get my children and animals to a safer place."

She certainly has more than enough reason for feeling that way and not the least of which is her own health and well-being. "Frankie-Blu was born prematurely and I'm sure it was because of the distress this caused me," she confided to the Daily Mail.

Mr. Solly Survived the Attack but His Health Is Still Not Good

Secondly, she now fears for the safety of Rhyley and Frankie-Blu. "My little ones play at the park but I'd never let them go alone, not with them (Mr. Solly's attackers) walking the street," she added to the Daily Mail. "If they treat an animal like that, (imagine) how (that) they would treat my children."

Thirdly, seeing them strutting down the street as free as birds on a regular basis galls her no end. "Every time I see them it makes me sick to my stomach knowing I can't do anything," the admitted to the Daily Mail. "How could they kick him in the head like that? What can make you that angry that you would do that?"

It is a difficult matter for some individuals to comprehend but this world is chock-full with garbage like the yobs who assaulted Mr. Solly. Moreover, they do not necessarily attack cats because they are angry, but rather they do so in order to get their perverted kicks.

Most importantly of all, they know that twenty-four karat impostors such as Scotland Yard and the RSPCA can be counted on to turn blind eyes to attacks on cats. They therefore abuse them with impunity.

Should she follow through with her plans to relocate elsewhere, Bland needs to realize that cruelty to cats is a ubiquitous problem and that there is not any guarantee that Mr. Solly is going to be any safer at a new address. Two-faced, seemingly respectable neighbors that abuse and kill cats when their owners are not around are to be found everywhere.

For instance on April 24, 2006, George A. Seymour Jr. of the Bentivar subdivision outside of Charlottesville shot and killed a three-year-old black cat named Carmen that belonged to his neighbors, Klaus and Vanessa Wintersteiger and their two young children. For the commission of that dastardly deed, Judge Steven H. Helvin gave him only ten days in jail although Carmen's murder had left the entire Wintersteiger family devastated. (See Cat Defender post of June 22, 2006 entitled "A Used Car Dealer in Virginia Murders Sweet Three-Year-Old Carmen with a Rifle Shot to the Neck.")

In October of 2009, North Carolina State Trooper Shawn C. Houston of 2851 Icard Ridge Road in Granite Falls, two-hundred-fifty-two kilometers west of Raleigh, trapped and shot a five-month-old, orange and white kitten named Rowdy that belonged to his next-door neighbor, Andrea Evans. Like Seymour, he too got away with his diabolical crime and thus was allowed to go on living alongside Evans and her distraught family. (See Cat Defender post of July 8, 2010 entitled "A North Carolina State Trooper Who Illegally Trapped and Shot His Next-Door Neighbor's Cat, Rowdy, Is Now Crying for His Job Back.")

In December of 2010, cat-hating fiend Ernst Bernhard K. from the Moosach section of München stole and tortured to death a black cat named Rocco that belonged to his neighbor, Andreas O. Predictably, the courts let him off scot-free and he continued to reside alongside Andreas O. and his family. (See Cat Defender posts of January 19, 2011, August 8, 2011, and August 17, 2011 entitled, respectively, "A Bird Lover in München Illegally Traps Rocco and Then Methodically Tortures Him to Death with Water and Pepper Spray over an Eleven-Day Period," "Ernst K.'s Trial for Kidnapping, Torturing, and Murdering Rocco Nears Its Climax in a München Courtroom," and "Ernst K. Walks Away Smelling Like a Rose as Both the Prosecutor and Judge Turn His Trial for Killing Rocco into a Lovefest for a Sadistic Cat Killer.")

Even so, it is impossible to find fault with Bland's decision to vacate West Ham. Nothing chaffs quite like being the victim of gross injustice and that is something that more jurists need to take into consideration as Kirkman did after Bill was killed.

At last report Mr. Solly, now seventeen years old, was still persevering even though he has not been able to make a full recovery as of yet. "It has taken Mr. Solly such a long time to recover and he's very weak," Bland told the Daily Mail. "He struggles to climb the stairs because his legs are weak from the shock of the kicks and suffering head trauma."

He also is confined indoors these days but the important thing is that he is still alive. Life can exist without justice but the latter cannot exist without the former.

Photos: The Sun (Mr. Solly by himself and resting), the London Metro (Mr. Solly and Bland), Amy Jo Bland (surveillance footage), and the Daily Mail (Rhyley and Bland and Mr. Solly with Frankie-Blu).