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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The RSPCA's Unlawful Seizure and Senseless Killing of Mork Leaves His Sister, Mindy, Brokenhearted and His Caretakers Devastated

"This man's broken our hearts. He has left Mork's sister, Mindy, without a companion. They were together for nineteen years and have now been torn apart by a careless, casual act... His sister is pining for him. She keeps wandering around the house looking for him."
-- Katherine Parker-Brice

Although most people are aware that Animal Control, shelters, and veterinarians exterminate tens of millions of cats each year, they either do not care or elect to look the other way. Not nearly as well known is the extent of the duplicity and warped morality that these mass murderers employ in order to both cover up and justify their heinous crimes.

It is by no means for certain that such a disclosure would be sufficient to jar the general public out of its apathy. Par exemple, the exposure earlier this year of PETA's hypocrisy, lies, and countless murders already has been forgotten and it is business as usual, i.e., killing more cats and dogs, for that phony-baloney animal rights group. (See Cat Defender posts of January 29, 2007 and February 9, 2007 entitled, respectively, "PETA's Long History of Killing Cats and Dogs Is Finally Exposed in North Carolina Courtroom" and "Verdict in PETA Trial: Littering Is a Crime but Not the Mass Slaughter of Innocent Cats and Dogs.")

Although Animal Control officers routinely seize and summarily execute cats and dogs all the time, the RSPCA's lawless seizure and senseless killing of Katherine Parker-Brice's nineteen-year-old cat, Mork, last month in Ruislip, Middlesex was especially tragic. (See photo above.)

Little did Katherine and her husband, Paul, suspect that their new next door neighbor was an inveterate cat hater who would immediately call the RSPCA the first time Mork strayed into her precious little garden. Nonetheless, that is precisely what she did and an unidentified inspector soon showed up and seized the cat which he promptly killed two and one-half hours later.

Although RSPCA guidelines require that posters be put up, neighbors leafleted, and seized cats be taken to a veterinarian, none of these safeguards were taken.

Parker-Brice immediately discovered that Mork was missing when she returned to her northwest London home after getting off from work but it took several more hours before she was able to track down the inspector who was then forced to admit that he had murdered Mork. Moreover, when she demanded that Mork's corpse be returned the callous inspector added insult to injury by returning it the next morning in a disposable plastic bag.

The inspector has since defended his conduct on the grounds that Mork was old, sickly, and a stray. He is in fact so morally warped that he believes that he should be thanked, rather than excoriated, for putting Mork out of his alleged misery.

This is, of course, pure rubbish. "I was in tears. He tried to defend himself saying the cat didn't have any teeth and was old but it was ridiculous," Parker-Brice told the Daily Mail on May 12th. (See "Pet Cat Murdered by the RSPCA.") "You only had to look at his nails which had been clipped and his glossy coat to see that he wasn't a stray."

The very thought of what Mork must have gone through during his last hours weighs heavily on Parker-Brice's mind. "He would have been alone in the dark in the back of that van for two hours and it would have terrified him. He has (sic) never been alone before," she added.

For this monstrous act which has caused so much pain and suffering, the inspector has received only a written reprimand from his supervisors and this has further incensed Parker-Brice. "He should have been sacked. There's no way he should be allowed near animals," she told the Daily Mail.

As tragic and unnecessary as Mork's untimely death was, it is even more disturbing that the inspector in question has worked for the RSPCA for ten years! Since it is extremely unlikely that this is an isolated case, he must have killed hundreds, if not indeed thousands, of beloved household cats over the past decade.

Despite its profuse apology and claims of innocence, the RSPCA is most certainly aware of the crimes that its inspectors commit. In fact, Mork's killer probably was doing only what he had been trained to do in such instances.

The blatant hypocrisy, not to mention the criminality, which forms the very kernel of the RSPCA's modus operandi has not been lost on Parker-Brice. "The RSPCA quickly prosecutes anyone who neglects animals yet here it is killing them indiscriminately," she complained.

As painful as Mork's death has been for Parker-Brice and her spouse, it has been perhaps even more traumatic for Mindy. (See photo above of her and Mork in happier days.) "This man's broken our hearts. He has left Mork's sister, Mindy, without a companion. They were together for nineteen-years and have now been torn apart by a careless, casual act," she said. "His sister is pining for him. She keeps wandering around the house looking for him." (See photo below of her gazing at a picture of her dead brother.)

The Parker-Brices justifiably have initiated legal action against the RSPCA. Even if they were to prevail in court it is unlikely that they would receive more than a mere pittance in damages. In any event, no amount of money is going to bring back Mork and even an adverse judgment is unlikely to force the RSPCA to mend its evil ways.

It is a hard truth for some people to face, but a majority of the individuals and groups involved in animal welfare are cold-blooded killers who look upon cats and dogs as nuisances to be permanently removed from society. Moreover, they are too corrupt to ever be reformed.

In addition to all the animals that they kill outright, Animal Control and shelters kills countless more through negligence. (See Cat Defender post of August 31, 2006 entitled "Animal Control Officer Goes on Drunken Binge and Leaves Four Cats and a Dog to Die of Thirst, Hunger, and Heat at Massachusetts Shelter.")

The only solution is to outlaw the killing of cats, dogs, and other companion animals under all circumstances. This effectively would put an end to Animal Control, shelters, and verterinary practice as it is currently known. Unless this is done, the killing of beloved cats like Mork is bound to continue.

Mork's murder has focused attention once again on the large number of individuals who hate cats. Although bird lovers and wildlife proponents are the most prominent cat killers, it is not known if the Parker-Brices' new neighbor is a member of either of these groups.

For example, Richard DeSantis of West Islip on Long Island relies upon shelters to do his dirty work for him. (See Cat Defender posts of June 15, 2006 and March 9, 2007 entitled, respectively, "Serial Cat Killer on Long Island Traps Neighbors' Cats and Then Gives Them to Shelter to Exterminate" and "Long Island Serial Cat Killer Guilty of Only Disorderly Conduct, Corrupt Court Rules.")

In Edmonds, Washington, Robert and Debbie McCallum employed the same tactic last autumn in a failed attempt to do in Laura Martin's cat, Turbo. (See Cat Defender post of October 30, 2006 entitled "Collar Saves a Cat Named Turbo from Extermination After He Is Illegally Trapped by Bird-Loving Psychopaths.")

Still others, such as George Seymour of Charlottesville, Virginia, dispense with the subterfuges and intermediaries and take the law into their own hands. (See Cat Defender post of June 22, 2006 entitled "Used Car Dealer in Virginia Murders Sweet Three-Year-Old Cat Named Carmen with Rifle Shot to the Neck.")

The lesson to be learned from all of these cases is that cat haters are everywhere and they are every bit as sneaky and devious as they are deadly. It is therefore imperative that cat owners be wary of their neighbors, especially new ones.

Cat killers are difficult to detect but an effort to do so must nonetheless be attempted. Failure to do so could mean the death of another innocent cat like Mork.

Photos: Katherine Parker-Brice.