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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Connecticut Audubon Society Shows Its True Colors by Calling for the Slaughter of Feral Cats, Mute Swans, Mallards, Canada Geese, and Deer

"The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality."
-- Arthur Schoepenhauer

It sounds counterintuitive but the more power that either an individual or a group acquires the more vulnerable they become at the same time. Consequently, fascists can never rest. The more people and animals that they kill, the more that there are for them to subjugate.

Since they must have absolute dominion, no amount of resistance, however minimal, can be tolerated under any circumstances. The Connecticut Audubon's Society's (CAS) recently released State of the Birds 2007 report is a good example of that principle in action.

Compiled by cat-hating bird-lovers and wildlife proponents with an agenda all their own, the report amounts to little more than a mixture of half-baked prejudices held together by cherry-picked empirical data and tortured logic that confounds both truth and morality.

Since these two groups have long targeted feral cats (See photo above) for extermination and house cats for imprisonment indoors, the report's reiteration of those positions does not break any new ground. By calling, however, for the mass extermination of mute swans (See photo below), Canada geese, mallard ducks, and white-tailed deer, the CAS has finally exposed itself as nothing more than a maniacal band of animal killers and outright criminals who will stop at absolutely nothing in the pursuit of their fascist agenda.

As far as the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection's (CDEP) Min Huang is concerned, mute swans (Cygnus olor), Canada geese (Branta canadensis), mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) do not have any right to life or intrinsic value as sentient beings; they are instead merely vermin that should be exterminated. His colleague, Kenneth Metzler, harbors the same low opinion of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus).

It is quite an eye-opening experience to learn that alleged wildlife proponents have consigned to the devil so many of the species that they are charged with protecting! More to the point, they are doing their dirty work with taxpayers' dollars.

The report's piece de resistance, however, is a long-winded anti-cat screed penned by longtime ailurophobe Linda Winter who heads the American Bird Conservancy's (ABC) Cats Indoors Campaign. (See photo above of her receiving an award for butchering cats from Partners in Flight.)

Founded in 1997, this group is ostensibly dedicated to imprisoning all cats, both feral and domestic, indoors. Its real goal, however, is the roundup and extermination of all feral cats as well as any house cats that it can get its filthy hands on by either hook or crook.

Functioning as the militant arm of the diabolical National Audubon Society, the ABC is a well-financed group that is supported by, inter alia, National Geographic, PETA, National Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Songbird Survival.

Throughout her hate-filled diatribe, Winter trots out all of the ABC's time-worn lies and prejudices. Hard pressed to string together two logically consistent thoughts in a row, this small-brained neo-Nazi begins by stating categorically that all cats belong in Africa, not America.

Of all the lies that bird-lovers and wildlife proponents trumpet, the distinction that they make between native and alien species is the most disingenuous. Just as it is ridiculous for any group of men to lay exclusive claim to a particular patch of ground, so too is it just as crazy for fascists like Winter to claim the United States as the exclusive territory for certain species of birds. This point should be axiomatic for anyone with even half a brain, but since Winter and her supporters have been so successful in passing off their sottise as the truth, it merits further examination.

Men, animals, and plants have always migrated. Some men have done so by choice; others have been shanghaied into slavery in different lands and still others, such as Native Americans, have been driven off their lands at the point of a gun. Some animals likewise have migrated on their own but the vast majority of them have been forcibly transplanted to new habitats by man. Being territorial by nature, cats are not world travelers; the feline diaspora is in large measure the product of imperialism and colonialism.

Much the same thing can be said for flora. Some plants and trees have been dispersed by wind, water, and animals but many more have been dug up and transplanted by man. The theory of natural right, whether it is applied to man, animals, or plants, is totally bogus and has never been defended by anyone other than fascists and racists.

According to archaeologists, all men, including Winter and her buddies, originally also came from Africa. More to the point, there are an estimated one-hundred-twenty-five alien bird species in the United States, including thirty-seven different types of songbirds in Hawaii.

Should Winter and her beloved songbirds therefore be shot and killed? According to her mangled logic and warped morality the answer is a resounding yes!

After that inauspicious beginning, she goes on to claim that all feral cats are disease-ridden. This is just one more of her big, fat lies. For instance, writing in the February 23rd issue of The Duquesne Duke, Dr. Nancy Trun (See mug shot above on the right) of the school's biology department astutely points out that there exists studies which show that feral cats actually have fewer diseases than house cats. (See "The Cat's Meow: Biology Students Purrr-sue Feral Cats for Disease Research.") Of course, it goes without saying that an inveterate liar like Winter has absolutely no use for the truth.

She next sets her sights on TNR by making the totally absurd claim that it does not reduce the population of feral cats and should therefore be outlawed. She is obviously in desperate need of one of Professor Trun's biology courses if she believes that sterilized cats are still capable of propagation.

She vividly demonstrates her total loathing for cats when she states, "Unfortunately, managed cat colonies are known to persist for fifteen or more years..." (See "Connecticut State of the Birds 2007," page 23.)

Clearly, for Winter the only good cat is either a dead one or one that has been reduced to an indoor pet. Like most cat-killers, she defends her actions by claiming that she has owned cats for twenty-eight-years. In the unlikely event that there is a grain of truth in her claim, she should be investigated for possible animal cruelty.

As for feral cats, she recommends that they either be starved to death or trapped and killed. She is far too devious to say that in so many words but she knows as well as everyone else that one-hundred per cent of all feral cats taken to shelters are killed upon arrival. In fact, many of them are killed en route. None of them are put up for adoption. (See Cat Defender posts of January 29, 2007 and February 9, 2007 entitled, respectively, "PETA's Long History of Killing Cats and Dogs Is Finally Exposed in North Carolina Courtroom" and "Verdict in PETA Trial: Littering Is a Crime but Not the Mass Slaughter of Innocent Cats and Dogs.")

To top it all off, after she and her colleagues have called for the wholesale extermination of all feral cats, mute swans, mallards (See photo directly above), Canada Geese (See photo below on the right), and white-tailed deer, Winter has the chutzpah to state, "In an overall humane value system it is difficult to understand why a cat's interests overrides the existence of our native wildlife species." (See "Connecticut State of the Birds 2007, page 25.) Sans doute, the shrinks would have a high-oh time of it probing around inside her desiccated gourd!

Both Winter and her buddies at the CDEP have a kindred spirit in the form of Nick Forde of Songbird Survival. On March 3rd, he told London's Telegraph that feral cats, sparrowhawks, grey squirrels, rats, crows, and magpies should all be exterminated because some of them occasionally prey upon birds. (See "Predators to Blame for Birdless Gardens.")

Like Winter and Messrs. Huang and Metzler, Forde strongly believes that he and his bird-loving fascists have an exclusive right to determine which animals are to be allowed to live and which ones are to be exterminated. "A lot of old scientific reports are quoted saying that nature finds its own balance, be we say it hasn't found its own balance in this country since man came out of his caves. We say it's up to us to maintain biodiversity and it's getting out of balance," he thundered.

While it is undeniably true that there are limits as to what nature can and cannot remedy, the historical record contradicts rather than supports Forde's assertion that he and his fellow bird-lovers (or anyone else for that matter) should be allowed to play god. Whereas nature's miscues tend to be self-limiting, there never has been any limits on either man's folly or his will to dominate.

A good example of the folly of bird-lovers is the Australians debacle on Macquarie. (See Cat Defender post of September 21, 2006 entitled "Aussies' Mass Extermination of Cats Opens the Door for Mice and Rabbits to Wreak Havoc on Macquarie.") In addition to their blatant stupidity, the actions of both bird-lovers and wildlife advocates are more often than not motivated by evil.

If nature is to be micromanaged, the key question is: who is going to do the managing? In short, who is the most qualified to determine which species are going to be allowed to live and which are going to be exterminated? By their own actions, pronouncements, and writings, bird-lovers and wildlife proponents have proven themselves to be totally unfit to undertake even the management of a public toilet.

This Achse des Boesen already has done considerable mischief and it will no doubt do abundantly more unless it is confronted, exposed, and stopped. Bereft of even the tiniest bit of respect for either animal life or the truth, there can be little doubt that if they ever trained their sights upon the human race they would make the crimes of Hitler and Pol Pot look like child's play.

In the final analysis, it is the corrupt capitalist media that is responsible for the fact that such total frauds have been taken seriously in the first place. Par exemple, in his March 1st story on the CAS's report, Robert Miller of The News-Times of Danbury repeats word-for-word the blatant lies of Winter, Huang, and Metzler without offering either any analysis of their conclusions or soliciting any rebuttals from the advocates of cats, swans, geese, ducks, and deer. (See "Saving the Birds.")

His story amounts to a pro-CAS press release and nothing more. Quite obviously, journalistic standards are non-existent at The News-Times; lies and prejudices are the bread and butter of that sleazy rag. A parallel situation exists at the Telegraph in that Martin Beckford's piece amounts to nothing more than a press release from Songbird Survival.

To her credit, Marian Gail Brown of the Connecticut Post did at least contact Lee Hall of Friends of Animals in Darien for her reaction to the report. "I think they are missing the big picture here. There is not one word in this report about the impact of global warming on the bird population," she immediately pointed out. (See "Audubon Report Claims Birds in Danger.")

"That is so much more of a problem than any other man-made one on birds," she added. "What this study should really be looking into is the effect of climate change in Connecticut. That strikes us as a much bigger issue than feral cats."

She also criticized the CAS's proposal to exterminate feral cats as being "out of step with society" and defended TNR as the best way to deal with feline overpopulation. "We need to encourage more spaying and neutering and when these cats are released we need to make sure there's some kind of stewardship for them to make sure they don't go hungry," she added.

Hall's criticism of the CAS's deliberate failure to mention the impact of global warming in Connecticut is equally applicable to Songbird Survival's deafening silence on this issue. In particular, England's second mildest winter on record has led to the premature deaths of many birds, rabbits, squirrels, grass snakes, toads, newts, pipistrelle bats, dormice, hedgehogs, and ducks from either starvation or hypothermia because they were born too early in the season.

Climate change has also forced butterflies and fish, such as the red mullet, to migrate farther north and plants and trees to flower earlier than normal. (See London's Independent, March 9, 2007, "Born to Die: Climate Change Disrupting Life Cycles with Fatal Results" and Cat Defender post of January 23, 2007 entitled "Global Warming Blamed for Unseasonable Increase in Feral Kitten Births on Long Island.")

Writing in the March 10th edition of the Norwalk Advocate, reporter Tim Stelloh grudgingly allowed Friends of Animals' Priscilla Feral to get in a word or two edgewise. In the limited amount of space that she was given, she called the CAS's claims about deer (See photo above) an exaggeration and questioned the motivations of the report's authors.

"They have been a pro-hunting organization," she said. (See "State Birds Worry Audubon Officials.") "They have a list of good and bad animals."

Feral's astute observation sums up the Connecticut Audubon Society's report in a nutshell. The animals and even man himself are going to be in dire straits if these moral degenerates and halfwits are ever allowed to have things their way. They instead should be locked up before they can do any more evil.

Photos: La Presse (cat), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Winter), University of Maryland (Trun), Wikipedia (mute swans, mallards, and Canada goose with gosling), and Associated Press (deer).